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In the last fifteen years I have been working on the open fire technique. I bisque fire to 980°-1100° once or twice and then, when the temperature of the kiln drops to 500°-600° I carry the work outside in the open air where I have already prepared a kiln and do a final firing using small bits of wood and sawdust. Finally while still warm I fill the pores and surface with beeswax giving them a final smooth texture. Although the open fire (raku) is an exciting process, I also love to make pottery in low (earthenware) and high (stoneware) temperatures.



Hara Bahariou was born in Athens. 

1965-70   Studied sculpture at the School of Fine Arts in Athens under
                professor Giannis Pappas.

1970-72   Worked with the sculptor Sydney Harpley in London.

1972-75   She attended pottery classes at the Athens YWCA by Gianna
                Persaki. She also worked with the greek potter Eleni Bernadaki.

1975-82  Together with potter Vasso Georgiou they set up the workshop
                "Andikimeno" and run the pottery shop "Stachi" in Athens.
                During this  period she cooperated with architects in creating
                ceramics surfaces and objects for banks, hotels and private houses.

She currently works in her own workshop in Athens experimenting and creating pottery using open fire techniques.She exhibits her work in individual and group exhibitions.

Individual Exhibitions

1993      Swimmers, Arkesini Gallery, Agia Paraskevi, Athens.

1996      Ceramics Shells, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens.

2000      Liknisma, HoHa Gallery, Kifissia, Athens.

2004      Ceramic Figures, Vourkariani, Kea.

2004      Red, Diavasi, Amerikis Square, Athens.

2005      Small tables, Periplanisi Gallery, Glyfada, Athens.

2006      cats + marbles, Athens.

2007      Boxes, Anemos Gallery, Kifissia, Athens.

2008      Ionos Gallery Karditsa, Greece.

2010     Thalassa, Anemos Gallery, Kifissia, Athens.

Group Exhibitions (selection)

1974      Greek Art Exhibition, Zappeion, Athens.

1976      ΖΜ Gallery, Thessaloniki.

1978      Municipal Cultural Center, Sparta.

1979      Crafts Organization Exhibition, Munich.

1976-79 Greek Pottery Exhibitions, Maroussi, Athens. 

2002      50th Anniversary, International Academy of Ceramics, Athens.



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